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1. Is Advazorb Border shower proof?
The backing is waterproof. However due to the hydrophobic nature of silicone if water does come between the skin and the contact layer then adherence will be lost. In an average shower it is showerproof, however in a power shower or for a longer period than normal it may not be.
2. Is there strike through?
No. The backing is waterproof, low friction and prevents strike through.
3. Which direction does it wick?
Wicking is vertical and lateral, ensuring maximum use of all the foam in the dressing.
4. Why would I use Advazorb Border instead of Advazorb Silfix?
Advazorb Silfix is ideal for wounds with fragile skin that require a degree of compression/ secondary fixation. Advazorb Border is ideal for hard to dress wounds where secondary fixation isn't possible/ required.
5. Why are the holes on Advazorb Border so big?
As Advazorb Border doesn't require secondary fixation, and subsequently there isn't additional pressure to enhance the hydrophilic nature of the foam, the larger holes offer a greater surface area of exposed foam enabling the smooth passage of exudate into the dressing.
6. Is Advazorb Areola available in more than one size?
Advazorb Areola is available in one universal size. The average areola is 3 to 4cm in diameter and Advazorb Areola has been designed to fit almost all areolas. The central nipple hole has fenestrated edges to fit most nipples without applying pressure to the tissue and to prevent nipple flattening.